Shelf Inspector

Shelf Inspector is a powerful tool for merchandisers, sales representatives, and managers

Our mobile application can analyse positioning, pricing, and out-of-stock goods, relying only on the photo of the product and works with all types of packaging and product placement.

How it Works

Out-of-stock products have been troubling most fast-moving consumer goods producers for decades. At the same time, the traditional shelf display inspections are pricey and invalid in 15-40% of cases. Our computer vision application helps retailers assess the display quality standards in supermarkets quickly and objectively, using only portable devices.

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The application uses a neural network, and a model trained by Azure Machine Learning behind the front-end. All of these provide certainty that your products on shelves are constantly available. Their presence is measured objectively and effectively by this simple app.

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With this app, our merchandisers can use their time for tasks with higher added value. Also, we are able to monitor prices effectively.

Petra Diamond | head of trade marketing, Red Bull

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