Location intelligence

Machine learning combined with location intelligence enables trendspotting and predictions to support market assessment, site selection, risk management, asset tracking, and other core business needs.  In addition, location intelligence can be used to compile various types of massive datasets, such as GPS data, sociodemographic and transactional data, or information about points of sale.

location intelligence

Business case

Location intelligence allows collecting and analysing geospatial data, remodelled into a strategic vision, solving business challenges. If supported by a geographic information system, it allows businesses to map, analyse, and share data in the context of location.


We can display the gathered and processed data on a map-centric interface showing users the factors affecting their business performance in different spots. Adding demographic data and patterns to smart maps helps visualise areas where the population or expanded sales growth could find most new subscribers. This could be, for example, a visualisation of maximum driving distances between specific places using OpenStreetMaps data, or a comparison of reaction times for your and competitors' networks. Mapping existing hotspots and using a statistical analysis tool for trends over time can produce predictions of future wireless use.


  • Identifying the high-competition areas and blank spots gives you a valuable heads-up for your CRM strategies
  • The solution is compatible with Predictive maintenance and Anomaly detection models

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