Real Impact AI Solutions for Retail and eCommerce

Streamlining Your Path to Smart Inventory and Personalized Customer Engagement

Challenges Faced by Retail Industry

Accurate Planning and Demand Forecasting

Companies face challenges in understanding the long-term impacts of trade terms, pricing, and discounts on their sales, considering market cannibalization when optimizing product mix, and adjusting to dynamic pricing strategies.

Personalization and Customer Experience

Retailers and eCommerce platforms often struggle to offer personalized shopping experiences to their customers, a key to maintaining a great customer experience. Leveraging AI and advanced online shopping assistants add further complexity.

AI Solutions Helping You Accelerate

Revenue Growth Management

Efficiency, Enhanced Customer Insights, and Optimized Pricing

Make data-driven decisions and plan accurate pricing strategies by leveraging both internal and external data on products, customers, and market trends. We utilize AI and advanced analytics to create tailored use cases on top of a data lakehouse platform. Use data to drive profitability, strategic pricing optimization to maximize revenue streams, and dynamic forecasting to empower proactive decision-making.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize Revenue with Data-Driven Pricing Optimization

Our Dynamic Pricing Solution integrates extensive internal and external data for effective price setting. We analyze market trends, seasonality, and competitive data, enhancing margin and demand forecasting accuracy. Adopted by leading retailers, our approach is proven to support informed, agile pricing decisions.

AI-Augmented eCommerce

Optimize the Entire Digital Customer Journey with AI

Our AI Shopping Assistant simplifies the product selection process, guiding customers to their ideal choices by highlighting the differences between products and offering a price-performance comparison. Additionally, our AI-driven query understanding solution swiftly connects customers with desired items, eliminating lengthy searches.

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Featured Case Study

Out-of-Stock Elimination & AI-Driven Shelf Monitoring for Nestlé

“…we are looking at 20% out of stock reduction across multiple categories. It helps us consistently improve our store layouts and price monitoring so our sales representatives can attend their jobs with higher added value." 

Tibor Molnár

National Field Sales Manager, Nestlé

AI-Driven Product Matching for Heureka Group

"Thanks to the DataSentics AI strike team we were able to automate the matching of millions of offers coming from tens of thousands of e-shops and therefore save significant time spent previously on manual matching" 

Ondrej Walter

Product Head of Content Tribe, Heureka Group

Boosting Sales at AAA Auto with AI Insights from Call Recordings

DataSentics helped us implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) into our call center, the key lead management tool […]. We can now analyse conversations, measure sentiment, and predict business potential, increasing our efficiency and providing better service to our customers…”

Viktor Cirbus

Head of Data Science & Group Digital Officer at AAA Auto

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