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Accelerating AI Transformation in FSI

The Opportunity We Help You Harness

The breakthrough of AI brings massive opportunities for FSI companies: boosting upsell, cross-sell, and retention strategies with personalization deploying dynamic pricing; improving risk models, and more. The challenge lies in integrating AI into existing systems and environment, meeting regulatory requirements, and developing use cases quickly, without reinventing the wheel.

Pre-Built Solutions to Accelerate Your AI Ambitions

AI-Driven Call Center

Key Solutions:

  1. Monitoring calls and identifying agent performance issues.
  2. Augmenting agents by providing process guidelines accessible via a GPT chat (acting as a "Virtual MS Team" colleague).
  3. Automating calls with an AI agent.
  4. Automatically categorizing and routing inbound communication.


Key Solutions:

  1. Using AI to create relevant marketing audiences at scale.
  2. Detecting new leads and opportunities for communication. with customers (chats, emails, call recordings, PDFs, etc.).
  3. Personalizing chatbot experiences by adding individual customer data (interests, predictions, etc.).
  4. Using AI to notify agents about potential upsells.

Dynamic Pricing

Key Solutions:

  1. Individual pricing engine using AI on a large scale.
  2. Enriching models with additional information extracted from communications with customers (chats, emails, call recordings, PDFs, etc.).
  3. AI governance framework for regulatory purposes (EIOPA, etc.). Accelerating AI Transformation in FSI.

AI-driven Fraud/Risk

Key Solutions:

  1. Enriching models with Additional information extracted from digital and unstructured interactions with customers (web, chat, call recordings, emails, PDFs,client zone, etc.).
  2. Using advanced Graph/ML methods to detect fraud/AML.
  3. Automatically scanning and checking all banker-client communication (calls, chats, emails, etc.).

Our Data AI Product for FSI

Persona 360

Enable Use Cases


Dynamic pricing

Anti-fraud data enrichment

Unify, understand, and activate your customer data in the financial services industry.

Persona 360, designed for retail banks and insurance firms, unifies customer profiles using a smart data model on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. It enhances these profiles with digital behavior insights and unstructured data like call center recordings. Use 1,695+ attributes to discern customer segments and harness insights from platforms like Facebook and Google.

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Certified solution

Certified solution

Certified solution

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Featured Case Study

Improving Advisor Outreach with AI Personalization at Erste

Advisors can easily see what happens within their portfolio and are in contact with the clients exactly when they need it the most. Thanks to the solution by DataSentics, we are now even closer to our customers and can promptly react to their needs and life situations.

Eugenia Markhovska

Domain Lead, Česká Spořitelna, Part of Erste Group

Enhancing Fraud Detection with AI and Digital Data at Esure

DataSentics have provided invaluable support to Esure Group for 18 months. Hard working, diligent and always starting with deep engagement with stakeholders, the team were able to grasp very diverse business challenges and leverage state-of-the-art data science to solve them and drive an impact across the enterprise.

Chris Pearce PhD

Head of Data Science, Esure, UK Leading Digital Insurance

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