Persona 360

Unify, Understand, and Activate your Customer Data

Customer 360 Segmentation

AI Sales Rep. Assistant

Call Center Compliance with LLM

AI Agent Voicebot/Chatbot

Accelerate your AI transformation and develop use cases quickly, without reinventing the wheel

Persona 360

Automate your production quality control

As customer expectations shift towards personalization and customization, Persona 360, a data AI product built on top of your existing data platform (Azure, AWS, Databricks, etc.), unifies customer profiles and enhances them with digital behavior insights and unstructured data like call center recordings.
With 1,695+ prebuilt customer attributes, segments, and integration of your existing data components, Persona 360 helps you optimize data collection, storage, modeling, and activation. Empowering you to personalize customer experiences effectively and scalably, with the flexibility and individual approach that enterprises need.

Certified solution

Certified solution

Certified solution

Key Modules of Persona 360

Composable Customer Data Platform for Customer 360 Segmentation


  • Connectors to digital/unstructured data sources
  • Connectors to CRMs (Salesforce, Braze, etc.)
  • FSI Customer 360 data model
  • Framework for AI profiling
  • UI for audience management
  • Terraform scripts for Databricks setup

AI Sales Representative Assistant (Using RAG technique)


  • Vector DB and document embedding (making documents searchable)
  • Document chunking framework (preprocessing documents for LLM)
  • Dashboard and monitoring
  • UI for users

LLM Inspector: Call Center Compliance by LLM Technology


  • Speech to text module (for transcribing calls)
  • LLM feature engineering (for searching in text data)
  • Dashboard and monitoring
  • UI for LLM prompts (managing what to search for)

AI Agent: LLM "Brain"
for Voicebot and Chatbot


  • Incoming call classification (sentiment, urgency and topics)
  • Enable complete call center automation
  • This module combines all the modules above: Composable Customer Data Platform, LLM Inspector and RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation technique)

Watch a Short Demo of Persona 360

Discover Persona 360, showcasing a use case of targeted campaigns and customer insights. Watch the solution in action for both business users and data scientists, helping them personalize customer experiences effortlessly.

Featured Case Study

Improving Advisor Outreach with AI Personalization at Erste

Advisors can easily see what happens within their portfolio and are in contact with the clients exactly when they need it the most. Thanks to the solution by DataSentics, we are now even closer to our customers and can promptly react to their needs and life situations.

Eugenia Markhovska

Domain Lead, Česká Spořitelna, Part of Erste Group

Enhancing Fraud Detection with AI and Digital Data at Esure

DataSentics have provided invaluable support to Esure Group for 18 months. Hard working, diligent and always starting with deep engagement with stakeholders, the team were able to grasp very diverse business challenges and leverage state-of-the-art data science to solve them and drive an impact across the enterprise.

Chris Pearce PhD

Head of Data Science, Esure, UK Leading Digital Insurance

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