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Manual microscopy image analysis in digital pathology is time-consuming, and it can be automated.

MLOps: Research experts' time is precious, and they need to focus on their research tasks - not on data infrastructure and ML model operations.

"We empower researchers to concentrate on drug/cure research while allowing them to harness the incredible technologies such as ML/AI available today. And because these tools are tech-heavy, we automate routine tasks and assist you in building the perfect modern infrastructure."

Jiří Nedomlel

Head of AI Solutions for HLS

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Digital Pathology Pipeline

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Tumor Detection

Medical Image Analysis


Automate your medical image analytics at scale

The AI-powered Digital Pathology Pipeline is revolutionizing cancer diagnosis by rapidly analyzing millions of medical images and reducing inaccuracies. It uses AI to automate and streamline the analysis of microscopy images. Built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, this solution is utilized by pathologists, molecular biologists, and researchers.

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Featured Case Study

Automating Pathology Image Analysis with Deep Learning

Researchers can easily integrate their own deep learning models or train new ones to allow AI to take charge of tedious tasks like segmentation, detection and classification of pathology images.


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