Digital Pathology Pipeline

Accelerate Drug Development and Save Costs by Automated Medical Image Analysis at Scale


The process of manual microscopy image analysis in digital pathology is time-consuming and requires careful attention to detail to ensure accurate results. And – it can be automated!


The Digital Pathology Pipeline is revolutionizing cancer diagnosis by rapidly analyzing millions of medical images and reducing inaccuracies. The solution leverages advanced AI/ML technologies to automate analytics, process various image formats, and support deep learning integration. It can be used for tissue segmentation, tumor segmentation, and other typical pathology tasks.

Researchers can easily integrate their own deep learning models or train new ones to allow AI to take charge of tedious tasks like segmentation, detection and classification of pathology images.
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With the Digital Pathology Pipeline, you can:

  • Measure the size of tumors
  • Visualize tumors using heat maps
  • Segment and highlight functional units of tissues
  • Cluster samples into groups based on their visual characteristics
  • Detect anomalies in pathology, radiology and other modalities of images


The solution saves significant hours for pathologists, molecular biologists, and researchers, while also increasing their satisfaction because it allows them to focus on the tasks that matter most, instead of repeatedly performing manual analysis.

  • Analysis for as low as $1 per medical image
  • Handles diverse use cases and large image sizes
  • Reduces repetitive manual image analysis significantly

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