Product matching and categorisation

Our solution designed for the companies with an extensive product portfolio can categorise all your products correctly, and what is more, improve SEO results.

Business case

With the Product matching & Categorisation solution, we automatically assign correct categories to the new products thanks to collecting all necessary data. So the customer could easily find what he needs and not waste his time losing his loyalty.


We can pair products automatically and with high accuracy by using available data such as the product title, product image, and others. Using all the data, we calculate the probability for a match of two products. The items, then, can be clustered based on its features and user behavior as well.

Read the Case Study:

AI-Driven Product Matching for Heureka Group


  • Increase customer satisfaction: help your customers to find and buy what they are looking for
  • Assign correct categories to your products automatically - the solution matches offers in real time
  • The system achieves a high success rate exceeding 98% in accurately matching offers

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