Smart search for eCommerce

What you don't find, you won't buy. Indulge your customers with robust tolerance for typos and synonyms. Guide your customers to the best results, no matter how they search and in what language.

Business case

The longer you spend searching for a product, the lower your chance to make a purchase. In order to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for, you need to eliminate full-text results, route your users directly to relevant categories or products and understand users' search behaviour to provide them with the best possible results. You need to navigate your users towards products they want to buy, and while doing that, you might as well capture current search trends.


Our solution supports mobile and voice search, is developed friendly, and A/B tested. It can be extensively personalised and based on users' behaviour to understand and detect categories, brands, or properties. It also decodes the semantic of requests based on BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), and offers trends leaning on search history.


  • Directing customers directly into the relevant categories instead of a full-text search helps them find what they are looking for faster; thus, it increases loyalty and the chance of purchasing.
  • Offering trends based on search history makes the navigation faster and more relevant by "making a conversation" with the customers.

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Bob Hroch

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Čeněk Kras

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