Persona 360 by DataSentics

Product for Personalisation and
AI-driven segmentation

Persona 360 helps you find personas amidst from your transaction data, interactions they have had with your business, or their online interests.

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Persona 360 – Product Overview

Persona 360 is an AI-driven product on top of your existing data platform (Azure, AWS, Databricks,...). It enables enterprises to get reliable and relevant insights about their current and prospective customers, and to personalise towards better business performance and customer satisfaction. 

How it Works

Persona 360 Use Cases

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Persona 360 Modules


1695 AI-driven customer segments

Ready-made engine for segmentation of your customers. Just feed it with your unstructured and digital data and some CRM/DWH data to get 1000+ new information about your customers. For example, Interests, Lifestyles, Life stages, Propensities, Affinities to topics and many more categories...  Save enormous amount of development time.

User interface of Persona 360 app

Real-time interactive portal enabling 100+ employees to analyse, explore, combine and select customer based on all 1695+ AI attributes and all the new ones that are being continuously added by your internal data experts teams. A missing piece of every self-service BI tools in the enterprises.



Persona 360 can ingest unstructured data (emails, chats, call transcripts, images) and digital behaviour data (app interactions, website clicks, ad impressions) with classic product/CRM data. To ingest those new, large, fast-changing data sets, we use AI techniques like Nature Language Processing and Computer Vision, combined with the traditional techniques.

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Organisational benefits:

  • Democratisation of data: easy access by business people
  • Full analytical flexibility for existing Teams (ML, AI modelling lifecycle)
  • No vendor lock-in (you can takeover the IP for one off fee)

100 % aligned with your data governance processes

  • Full transparency & auditability
  • Better regulatory compliance
  • Leveraging your existing data governance processes (not disrupting them)

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David Vopelka

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