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Offering a single website experience to all visitors used to be the "marketing-standard" approach. Nowadays, website personalisation allows companies to know their customers and present them with unique and personalised experiences based on visitors' behaviour.

Business case

The challenges in website personalisation and offering unique experiences based on visitors' behaviour are often caused by the lack of technology and scalability issues. Increased traffic and the number of personas lead to problems with gathering data and the inability of the website to identify users, as it must adjust to every user leaning on personalisation. That results in privacy challenges as the system demands users' agreement with sharing their data for personalisation. It may be difficult to create personalised content for campaigns due to a limited understanding of the customer's characteristics - the unique interests, needs, intents, behaviour, or preferences.


Our solution helps identify visitors with high potential to make a digital conversion using modern data techniques, find their typical characteristics, and use them as rules for web personalisation. The model using ML/AI techniques, NLP, and big data approach, will generate personalised content for those high potential visitors in the form of a personalised banner on a landing page, or make CTA elements more available to them.

All these actions will contribute to the further engagement of visitors and increase their conversion rates. The way you learn insights from the data can be automated and moved from rule-driven segmentations to AI-driven models. Successful personalisation brings a 15-20 % increase in sales conversion rates.


  • Targeting high potential visitors and creating exciting content to engage with relevant customers increases the chance of a conversion.
  • Offering more relevant product recommendations improves customer loyalty and makes the visitors spend more time on the website.

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