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With Betterfy, every visitor on your website receives recommendations of similar but potentially better products with a clear explanation of the advantages, based on product data and a machine learning engine. Our product is fully customisable and tailored to your business needs.

Business case 

If you sell any product with many specifications, such as electronics, financial products, real estate, or cars, you probably get many visitors from paid and organic channels. However, only a very few of them actually decide to make the purchase. It can be challenging for customers to make the final decision, as they don’t fully understand the product and its alternatives.


Our AI-powered shop assistant inspired by the offline shopping experience generates credible product recommendations and offers a clear comparison of product specifications by highlighting all meaningful advantages – you could say it can explain its choices. As a result, your customers understand the alternatives and ultimately can make an informed purchase with confidence. This gained confidence helps increase revenue in particular categories by up to 20%, and because the customer made a very informed decision, they are less likely to return the product.


  • Customers gain more confidence in decision making, so they spend more time on your website and visit more pages.
  • Advanced categorisation and smart offers increase conversion rates as well as revenue in particular categories.
  • More accurate recommendations and better understanding increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, which reduces product returns

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Betterfy, the better product recommender, which DataSentics developed for us, enables our customers to choose alternative products transparently based on their advantages and disadvantages. Implementation [of this unique solution] led to an increase in revenue of up to 20% in certain categories while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

Roman Dušek | head of Mall E-commerce


[…] With Betterfy from DataSentics, our client has the most up-to-date offer from the entire spectrum of more than 1000 vehicles with transparent and credible recommendations. We believe that our customers truly appreciate this innovation.

Zdeněk Honek | the executive director of HAVEX-auto

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