DataSentics Datasentics 06.05.2024

Upcoming Webinars: May 2024

In May, we have several webinars ahead of us, so make sure to check them out and don't miss insights from industry experts! What can we expect and when?

AI-Driven Digital Twin in Manufacturing

May 14, 2024
Speakers: Shiv Trisal, Databricks & Martin Nemcik, DataSentics, an Eviden business

Why are manufacturers striving to create and leverage Digital Twins? And how can you use them for highly effective predictive maintenance? Join our webinar to learn the answers and dive into the latest trends in the manufacturing sector.

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Implementing Unity Catalog Securely and Cost-Effectively

May 16, 2024
Speaker: Tomas Bouma

How can you effectively implement Unity Catalog in enterprises without unpleasant surprises? Join us to find out! We'll cover topics like:

▪️Production-like data for development: how to make security happy.
▪️Governing GenerativeAI use cases.
▪️The challenges of using virtual networks to keep data separated and many more.

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Webinar: Unlock Value from your Chat & Call Recordings with Generative AI

May 21, 2024
Speaker: David Vopelka

Join the webinar to explore how generative AI can transform your call and chat recordings into valuable insights while driving improved compliance and personalization in enterprises!

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