DataSentics Datasentics 03.04.2024

Webinar: AI-Driven Digital Twin in Manufacturing

Why are manufacturers striving to create and leverage Digital Twins? And how can you use them for highly effective predictive maintenance? Join our webinar to learn the answers and dive into the latest trends in the manufacturing sector.

⏺ Understand how Digital Twin and Predictive Maintenance help you spot anomalies effectively.
⏺ Strategies for processing and efficiently managing the extensive data generated by Digital Twins.
⏺ Learn how this technology can cut down on operational expenses by proactively preventing breakdowns.
⏺ Hear our latest success story of our client, Acond.


Shiv Trisal, MBA
Global Head of Manufacturing

Dr. Martin Nemcik
AI in Manufacturing Expert
DataSentics, an Eviden business

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