Quality Inspector

Quality Inspector prepares models for a variety of quality inspections – we tailor these to your specific use case

Automated system uses computer vision to detect defects, missing parts, or improper installation. This solution is much easier to scale than human inspection and can achieve surprisingly high accuracy.

How it Works

Quality control in manufacturing varies from one production process to the other. That is why Quality Inspector is not a one-size-fits-all product. Instead, we have collected pre-trained models for many different scenarios, which we update regularly. Quality Inspector is a framework that enables us to take these models and quickly tailor them to your needs. That means - if you give us data or let us collect data on-site (using as little as a simple mobile phone camera), we can come up with a first solution in under 5 days. That includes labelling, model training, results analysis, and a presentation of the demo results to you.

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About the demo

The free demo demonstrates that quality inspection can be performed using computer vision and what level of accuracy can be achieved even with low-quality photos and a low number of samples. Quality Inspector then enables us to take these first models and train them for high performance and in a way that makes them easy to productionalise.

We can give you a high-performance model based on the current state-of-the-art technology. On top of that, we can also monitor its performance, including reporting back to you and an easy way to retrain when new data comes or the factory floor changes.



With Shelf Inspector we are looking at 20% out of stock reduction across multiple categories. It helps us consistently improve our store layouts and price monitoring so our sales representatives can attend their jobs with higher added value.

Tibor Molnar | National Sales Manager


With the application, our merchandisers have more time left for more important tasks […] As the main benefit for the future, we see, in addition to saving time, also streamlining work, respectively price monitoring, where we can set various alerts in case the price of a particular product falls or rises above a certain limit.

Petra Diamond | Lead of the marketing store

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