Maximizing Ad Impact with AI-Personalized Audience Targeting for CPEx


Uplift in click-through rate by leveraging personalized ad targeting


Growth in ad impressions without compromising user experience quality

Enhanced ad relevance

Enhanced ad relevance and cost-effective allocation of advertising budgets

“With this solution, the team can effectively understand the vast amount of data and prepare personalized segments for online ads targeting that shows great increase in performance compared to the previous solution.”

Lukáš Šmol


About the Client

CPEx (Czech Publisher Exchange) is a leading digital advertising platform in the Czech Republic. Serving as a hub for publishers and advertisers, CPEx facilitates the exchange of digital ad inventory, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement for brands. With a focus on innovative technology and data-driven strategies, CPEx empowers advertisers to reach their target audience effectively while maximizing ROI.

In an online world cluttered with ads, CPEx has successfully cut through the noise by harnessing the power of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to create highly targeted advertising campaigns. Recognizing the challenge of outdated and inefficient ad targeting methods, CPEx turned to AI and machine learning to build a solution that adapts in real time, ensuring that audiences receive relevant ads that match their evolving interests. This approach not only improved the user experience but also drove significant gains in ad performance.

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David Vopelka - DataSentics

David Vopelka

FinTech lead | AI & personalisation expert