DataSentics Datasentics 30.06.2024

Webinar: AI-Powered Shopping Assistant: From Browsing to Buying

How can you turn indecisive online shoppers into loyal customers? Watch our webinar to explore how to overcome the challenges of choice paralysis when buying products or services online and discover ways to increase conversion rates with GenAI solutions! 

Topics we will cover:

  • Shopping experience funnel: Identifying the problems in the consideration phase and understanding why addressing them is crucial.
  • Enhancing consideration phase with GenerativeAI: Transitioning from typical solutions like blog posts to Generative AI technologies.
  • Real-world Case study: Our client, Heureka - the largest price comparison website and shopping guide in Central Europe.


Simona Töröková, AI Architect & Product Owner

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Webinar: AI-Powered Shopping Assistant - From Browsing to Buying

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