DataSentics Datasentics 28.02.2023

Webinar: Hyper Personalization in FSI - Real Use Cases

Are you ready to learn from the best data & AI experts in the Financial Services and Insurance industry? Watch our webinar on Hyper-Personalization in FSI. We will show you real use cases on how to improve customer engagement and drive business results.

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Hyper Personalization in FSI - Real Use Cases

Hyper Personalization in FSI - Real Use Cases



Junta Nakai | Head of Financial Services at Databricks

Recognized industry leader, spent 14 years at Goldman Sachs in New York, contributes as a Business and Technology writer for various publications, frequently speaks about digital transformation in Financial Services at conferences and media outlets around the world.

David Vopelka | AI in Financial Services Lead at DataSentics, an Atos company

Leading AI in FSI consulting & implementation teams to help accelerate the digital transformation inside the complex FSI companies across the European markets. Building AI solutions for FSI. 10 of experience in Erste Group.