DataSentics Datasentics 26.06.2023

Webinar: Generative AI - Exploring Enterprise Use Cases & Challenges

Generative AI / Large Language Models (LLM) / Chat GPT

Everyone is asking us about it, and we have been discussing it with dozens of clients. Let’s cut through the noise and focus on real use cases and challenges faced during implementation in large firms.

Listen to the experts, Dusan Vystrcil and David Vopelka on this webinar and discover the potential limitations of generative #AI tools for enterprises.

Topics to be covered:

  •  Key areas where we see impactful use cases
  • The current state of maturity and typical limits for productionalization
  •  Key concerns, risks, and security
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Generative AI: Exploring Enterprise Use Cases & Challenges

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Key contacts

David Vopelka - DataSentics

David Vopelka

FinTech lead | AI & personalisation expert