DataSentics Datasentics 25.10.2023

Webinar: Digital Pathology - Accelerating Cancer Cure Research

Digital Pathology Pipeline leverages AI to simplify and speed up the examination of microscopy pictures. Built on the Databricks Lakehouse, it serves pathologists, molecular biologists, and researchers, enhancing their data processing speed and widening the scope for possible therapies.

Users can seamlessly add their custom deep learning models or develop new ones, enabling AI to handle repetitive tasks such as segmenting, identifying, and categorizing pathology images.

With Digital Pathology Pipeline, you can:​​
​​⏺ Measure size of tumors
⏺ Visualize tumors using heatmaps
⏺ Segment and highlight functional units of tissues
⏺ Cluster samples into groups based on their visual characteristics
⏺ Detect anomalies in pathology, radiology and other modalities of images
⏺ And many more

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Digital Pathology: Accelerating Cancer Cure Research


Jiri Nedomlel ▪️ HLS Industry Lead of DataSentics, an Eviden Business
Michael Sanky ▪️ Global Industry Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences of Databricks