DataSentics Datasentics 05.10.2023

Webinar: Discovering the Best Business Locations for Packeta Group with AI

Understand how to find the most suitable location for your business

Our experts will walk you through the successful story of our client, Packeta Group, who used AI-driven analytics to strategically optimize the placement of their well-known parcel lockers to meet current market needs with business expansion strategies.

Through this webinar, you’ll hear about this real-world use case, the benefits and the challenges we faced, and also about technological aspects.


  • Why should AI-driven analytics be used for business location optimization? What are the benefits? How does it enhance strategic decision-making?
  • Brief overview of the AI Optimization Engine & map interface.
  • Key challenges faced and the process of integrating historical, demographic, and geospatial data.
  • Case study from Packeta showcasing successful locker placements.
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Discovering the best business locations for Packeta Group with AI