DataSentics Datasentics 26.07.2020

DataSentics in “So You Want to Be a Data Scientist?” podcast

You will learn few facts about the company DataSentics and divide the terms data engineer and machine learning engineer. A part of the podcast dedicated to the valuable techniques for organising the tasks. You will also find out what part of their daily work the interviewees spend meeting with the clients and get acquainted with their favourite and unloved jobs.

Our colleagues Nikola Valešová and Petr Míchal were guests on the episode of the “So you want to be a data scientist?” podcast.

The podcast is dedicated to aspiring data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers. It shows the day-to-day life and work of professionals in this area.

In approximately 30 minutes, Mısra Turp asked about the professional journey of Nikola and Petr, their previous jobs, and why they wanted to be data scientists.

Mısra asked questions about various aspects of data science work, what techniques are helpful to organise tasks, and how much of their work represents meeting the clients.

Both Nikola and Petr had many things to say to the question of what they liked about their job.

Because they work on different projects, they could capture a variety of projects in DataSentics. Nikola works on online marketing these days, and Petr specialises in computer vision.

It was a great time with Mısra since our colleagues could reveal what their typical day looks like, hoping that it will help those who wish to start their job in the world of big data.

Listen to the podcast yourselves and find out what Nikola and Petr do every day and much more about work in DataSentics!

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