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Are you considering or interested in the trending Databricks technology?

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Does this sound familiar? 


Having doubts?

Is your team of data experts uncertain whether Databricks could help them with their challenges? 


Lack of time?

Are you lacking the time to conduct extensive research and experimentation with Databricks on your own?


Not sure who to ask?

Look no more -> Our certified Databricks champions will walk you through all of this in just one day!

invest half-day to experience a typical day to day work with Databricks

Take the opportunity to learn from our Databricks Champions! In just half a day our experienced consultants will guide you through a complete end-to-end example, showcasing the capabilities and benefits of the platform. 

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Workshop agenda


- Keynote: databricks vision ​

- Walk through the Databricks UI 


- Bronze layer: Upload data, use DeltaLake​

- Silver layer: Transform data, cleansing, parsing, pipeline stuff! ​

- Gold layer: Feature engineering, ML​

- Orchestration, Productionalization and Governance (Unity Catalog)​


- Typical technical architectures we see in your industry​

- Pros/Cons of the different technologies (in terms of functional, but also organizational aspects)​

- Typical challenges/risks during implementation​

- Best practices for implementation and typical implementation plan/approach​

- Key use cases enabled by the use of digital data or unstructured data (contact center data, etc.)​

- Databricks technology added value

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Key contacts

David Vopelka - DataSentics

David Vopelka

FinTech lead | AI & personalisation expert