DataSentics Datasentics 13.10.2021

Data migration to cloud

Data is the fuel of digital transformation – a crucial part of keeping up with ever-increasing business standards. Do you take good care of your data?

Watch our webinar to find out, why successful organisations migrate their data to the cloud. We’ll show you real-life examples of transferring from costly, slow, and ineffective on-premises solutions to modern and scalable cloud analytical platforms.

About the Presenter

Satish Garla from Oklahoma, US, is a Solutions Architect leading SAS Migration practice at Databricks. He has over 15+ years experience in data science and ERP applications. He is specialised for the financial service industry clients.

Learn how to unlock business value at 3 levels:

  • Drive innovation by reducing infrastructure spend
  • Achieve higher productivity by eliminating manual tasks
  • Accelerate your business by making use of the Databricks unified analytics platform’s AI capabilities

Webinar "Data migration to cloud"

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