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From prototype to a robust production

In addition to AI business innovations, IT must consider its long-term operation, security risks, and many other aspects. We are used to cooperating with more than five departments on behalf of the product owner to ensure long-term impact with tangible business results. We often provide reusable cloud AI+DATA platforms with feature stores & MLOps.

AI+Data platforms we deliver

To turn a prototype into a production app, we usually build a Data+AI backend that leverages spark and python, data cache + api to serve it to business application with FE and BE. Very often, we decompose the DATA+AI backend to reusable data assets.

Data Lakehouse

Feature Store

Big data cache + API

Enterprise cloud data infrastrucure templates

DataSentics DataSentics

End-to-end approach

production AI intensive apps 

To turn prototypes into production, we estimate the effort of a given use-case and provide you with a shared data infrastructure & application integration level, offering cooperation with your data team.

Identify the right teams around Dev & Ops

Solution design

Prototype & First production version (MVP)

Support, maintenance & consulting

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enterprise first AI framework

Frameworks like DAIPE are focused on delivering business added value and solving technical aspects like data lineage, versioning, coding standards, operations requirements, and it works in conditions of lack of engineers in enterprise data teams.

Robust production workload

Open code, joint customisation

Optional full platform service & dev QA

IaaC executable infrastructure requirements

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DataSentics is our partner on our Cloud journey. Thanks to their unique skill-set and professional approach, we see our cooperation as very beneficial.

Jakub Masek | MONETA Money Bank, a.s.

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We are a team of 100+ machine learning and cloud data engineering professionals based in Prague. We generate profits and savings with the power of data analytics, machine learning & cloud technologies. To our clients, we offer our tailored products & custom agile solutions with consulting.

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