Smart outlet management

It can be difficult to sort priorities for new outlet acquisitions, detect the cannibalisation effect, and discover new sales potential when you have hundreds of retail outlets and variable parameters.

Business case

It is common for sales representatives to have hundreds of outlets in their districts, and it can be challenging to decide which competitive outlets are most suitable for acquisition. Recently opened outlets represent opportunities to acquire new customers cheaply - if you are well informed about them in advance. The business strategy usually considers brands offered on the particular outlet's premises and omits to take into account specific outlet characteristics, other currently open outlets, and surroundings.


We combine internal and external data and help you make the right decision with confidence. Our branch management solutions are based on collecting publicly available data, and calculated indexes for all outlets. We can scan the market and public registers for indicators of recently emerged branches, then transform this data combined with your internal performance information into transparent and easy to implement outcomes. Geospatial data such as points of interest and population statistics, and internal data such as performance of existing branches, costs, FTEs or ATM performance are all vital for the best outcome.


  • Prioritised acquisition list based on actual data in real time helps sales representatives make decisions about new outlets.
  • Smart and insightful outlet management makes it easier to detect sales potential as well as market cannibalism effect.

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Petr Dvořák

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