PX360 - Personalisation for retail

The process of collecting data that can be subsequently used to predict user preferences and behaviour can be automated by machine learning. What if you could combine internal and external information about your retail customers and process it to offer the right product to the right customer?

Business case 

It’s becoming increasingly important for retailers with a large base of potential or actual customers to collect and consequently analyse their customers’ digital behaviour. The owners of the online shops and other platforms can use the data to predict their actions on the website, recognise what products they prefer, and offer them on time.


Solution PX360 offers 360-degree customer views, thanks to collecting all possible information, including traditional data such as client transactions, preferences, interests, communication history, customer service interactions, and digital data such as website interactions, purchasing data, social media behaviour, and third-party data, for example, geographical data.

All relevant information is stored in one place and is easy to read, allowing AI/ML to predict what product customers would, with the high probability, buy next.

The retailers can also use this innovation to understand what has driven their current customers to become their clients and then apply gathered data to improve the marketing campaign.


  • The gathered data help you prepare marketing campaigns more accurately, which naturally increases ROIs
  • Personalised experience and communication improves customer service, and allows you to use the full potential of your existing customers 

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