Product: Persona 360


When you have thousands or even millions of customers, it is challenging to ensure a consistently pleasant relationship with all of them. “Treat me like you know me” is what the customers appreciate with small businesses. Equally, even the larger businesses are eager to keep up with this task.

Business case

There is a great deal of information about the customers, their behaviour and how to communicate with them, just by analysing the data we know about them.
Persona360 helps to find these personas amidst your data, be it from static data, interactions they have had with the business or online interests. The result is a foundation for a ‘feature store’ containing all the information about the customers.


Using this Persona360 application, one can select any number of personas of interest. For example, do you want to know the top 4/8/20 characteristics of those groups of people that have a high propensity to buy your product? The application allows you to easily select them and export their characteristics to any major targeting platform.
The Persona360 application also makes data exploration amazingly easy. Allowing a non-technical user to find answers to questions, such as “What is typical for those customers who travel a long distance to our office?” or “What are the common features of customers that use our premium products?”. Finding answers to these questions quickly allows the targeting campaigns to start way before the opportunities fade out.


  • Easy data exploration, even for non-technical people
  • Easily select personas and export their characteristics to any major targeting platform
  • Personalisation brings a 15-20 % increase in sales conversion rates
  • Improves customer loyalty

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