Data Science library

Data Science can be more accessible even for beginners with the library of data science developed by DataSentics. 

Business case 

As data science includes repetitive tasks, it could seem not creative and routine scope. The situation gets more complicated when the beginners do not know which model they should use in each case. Consequently, more time and money are spent, leading to the low impact of the developments. 

Our Solution 

We created our own Data Science library, which works as guidance and enables beginner data analysts to train models correctly and quickly. This diminishes repetitiveness. It allows experienced users to skip a lot of repetitive code when dealing with standard modeling tasks. With Data Science library, you can even prepare your data for modeling such as, e.g., string indexing, one-hot encoding, columns assembling and scaling quickly. 


Using our Data Science library helps to: 

  • Prepare data for modelling
  • Select the best performing model based on cross-validation and hyperparameter selection. 
  • Compare model’s performance based on the most decisive metrics. 

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Key contacts

Jakub Štěch - DataSentics

Jakub Štěch

Innovate Tribe Lead | Data scientist

Bob Hroch - DataSentics

Bob Hroch

Business Development