We are an AI/machine learning and cloud data engineering boutique, and we can solve any of your problems regarding big data and the cloud.

Our Capabilities

We are your own data innovation strike team

Unique Data-Analytics-as-a-Service cooperation model

We don’t believe in outsourcing and delivering black boxes. Instead, we will be your ”extended” team tightly integrated with your internal teams (or help you build them) to ensure you have full ownership of the results/know-how.

Various Coop Models

For Enterprices / Startups

Are you representing a startup wanting to spark your product with AI or a product owner from an enterprise starting a new data project eager for ML? Then, we can tailor our pricing model to your needs. So let's use the unique combination of experience from the agile world of digital startups and major international corporations.


Natural Language Processing

Comprehend your customers

With the advent of the web and smartphones, users today create more unstructured text data than ever before and expect software to understand it better. Our experience will allow you to utilise this data to improve your products and services.

Bring software closer to humans

Understand what your customers say

Personalise your web and communication

Analyse your customers' interactions

DataSentics DataSentics

Computer Vision

Understanding digital images & videos

With the ongoing rise of the mobile photography era, the demand for acquiring, processing, analysing, and understanding digital images grow.

How may Computer Vision help you? Turn on your camera:

Reduce the cost

Check faster

Be objective

Solve indisposition

DataSentics DataSentics

Advanced ML algorithms

Machine learning

Simple methods solve simple problems. However, when the data and business requirements grow in complexity, we need to utilise our entire arsenal—modern, innovative techniques tailored to the task at hand.

Utilise your data structure

Unveil complex patterns

Understand why

Gain novel insight

DataSentics DataSentics


What Clients Say



DataSentics developed Realtime Machine learning technology which can read CV and job advert. It significantly improves job applicant experience and grows numbers of gained CVs multiply. For the recruiter, the technology sorts the CVs by relevance and saves time, which can be spent on more valuable tasks. More candidates sorted and received faster, which helped mBlue with rapid delivery of services and led to the company's higher profitability. This new generation of recruitment solution inevitably replaces the old fashioned, semi-functional full text, tags and forms which all companies and candidates must nowadays fill manually.

Milan Mahovsky | CEO at Job#1 and founder mBlue

Meet the team

We are a team of 100+ machine learning and cloud data engineering professionals based in Prague. We generate profits and savings with the power of data analytics, machine learning & cloud technologies. To our clients, we offer our tailored products & custom agile solutions with consulting.

Meet the Team

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Jakub Štěch

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