Our Mission

„Make data science and machine learning have a real impact on organisations across the world - demystify the hype and black magic surrounding AI/ML and bring to life transparent production-level data science solutions and products delivering tangible impact and innovation.” Petr Bednařík | DataSentics Founder

Petr Bednařík - Zakladatel DataSentics

Our Vision

We are an AI product studio – a group of 150 experienced data scientists and data engineers with a combination of experience both from the agile world of digital start-ups as well as major international corporations.

We are supporting clients across Europe out of our Centre of Excellence in Prague – one of the leading European data science and technology talent hubs.


We build enterprise-ready data products

Automated data solutions in production

We don’t end with nice slides and dashboards. The result that counts is an automated data solution in production integrated inside a real process. We do not report clickers but data scientists and data engineers. We have a strong focus on productionalising data science solutions in the cloud with high standards of CI and automation.

Unique Values

Data science think-tank approach

Building the greatest concentration of the smartest and most creative data scientists and engineers by being the most exciting and fulfilling place for them to work in Central Europe. Giving them the freedom to use our critical mass of expertise to find and iterate on the most promising data-driven opportunities – both for our clients and our own products.

Full-stack data science

By unifying the best of data science, data engineering/DWH and software engineering approaches and mindsets within one team we create the methodology and toolset for efficiently prototyping, developing and operating production-level data science solutions and products leveraging modern cloud and open-source technologies.

Agility, experimentation, constant learning

To find the best solutions, we always start small and quickly iterate using small cross-functional teams; we are happy to take risks and fail fast - we know we don’t know everything, and we love learning.

Openness and transparency

We hate black boxes and lock-in – we want ourselves and our clients to fully understand our solutions and empower our clients to be in control with all options open even when it means less business for us. This is a key principle even for our standard products, which are always available and customisable.

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Meet the Team

We are a team of 150+ machine learning and cloud data engineering professionals. We generate profits and savings with the power of data analytics, machine learning & cloud technologies. To our clients, we offer our tailored products & custom agile solutions with consulting.

Meet the Team

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David Vopelka

FinTech lead | AI & personalisation expert

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